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May 14 | Posted by: Susie's Hope

HIGH POINT, North Carolina (May 14, 2015)—This statement is issued by 
Donna Lawrence, founder of Susie’s Hope, in response to the story surrounding “Koda,” a 13-month old Siberian Husky puppy that was stabbed to death with a sword by her owner, Douglas Joseph Hagler, of Cary, North Carolina.  Hagler was arrested on one count of animal cruelty on Sunday, May 10, 2015 and released in less than 24 hours after the incident.  
“Animal abuse is not exclusive to any one city, county or state; it’s a tragic epidemic that is growing like a cancer throughout our entire country. Cases of animal abuse do not solely, or minimally, encompass the horrific stabbing of the 13-month old Siberian Husky, ‘Koda,’ the beheading of the elderly beagle, ‘Libby’ (both from North Carolina), the young German-Shepherd mix, ‘Sunny,’ found hanging by her top jaw from a tree (Arizona), ‘Rocky,’ a boxer that was found in a ditch after being drug down the road behind a truck (Kentucky), a terrier mix chained to a tree and starved to death (Oklahoma), or ‘Susie,’ a pit bull mix that was burned, beaten and left for dead as an 8-week old puppy.  Of these…‘Susie’ survived.
As a public, we need to become a stronger voice for those who cannot speak. We need the assistance of the media to bring these cases to light and we need to demand that our legislature bring justice forth for all of these helpless animals by making animal abuse a strict and punishable crime, by law, in every state.
‘Susie’s Law’ was established (in North Carolina) to effect stronger penalties on those who ‘maliciously abuse, torture or kill any animal.’  To be arrested on one-count of animal cruelty and released on a $5,000 bond is absurd.  Would the same penalty be issued if this Koda was someone’s child? The volunteers of Susie’s Hope encourage the support of our public to reinforce ‘Susie’s Law’ and the very premise it was established—to end these cruel and inhumane acts.”
[“Susie,” the beloved pit bull mix that was beaten, burned, and left for dead as a puppy, has become the voice to change animal cruelty laws. In her name,  “Susie’s Law” was passed in her home state of North Carolina, seeking justice and protection for all animals to enact a stricter punishment for those convicted of animal cruelty and abuse.  Susie and her owner, Donna Lawrence, have embarked on the mission to change animal cruelty laws in all states. Susie’s Hope Foundation was established (2011) to foster awareness surrounding the animal abuse with the mission to end the tragic epidemic in all states.  Susie’s Hope executives and volunteers will appear on Koda’s behalf at the court hearing on June 1. 2015.]
For more information about Susie and Susie’s Hope Foundation, 
visit: www.susieshopes.com.
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Susie and Donna’s Story
• Susie was an eight-week-old pit-bull mix puppy when her owner severly beat her, set her body on fire and left her for dead.
• Just a few months prior, Donna Lawrence was viciously attacked by a neglected pit-bull; the attack left Donna with permanent physical injuries, including the inability to have children
• Donna adopted Susie in 2009
Susie's Hope
Susie’s Hope™ is a nonprofit organization formed to foster awareness surrounding the animal abuse that exists in our nation and to work to end the tragic epidemic by providing education to people of all ages.  In a team effort, Donna and Susie visit schools, churches and organization, and attend pet adoption fairs and fundraisers to motivate and educate people. The life-like Susie’s Plush animals with embroidered scars (carried by Toys & Company) serve as a nurturing social and educational tool. For more information, visit: http://www.susieshope.com.
Susie's Law
Senator Don Vaughan sponsored Senate Bill 254, Susie’s Law, which would allow for tougher sentencing for those convicted of animal abuse. Its House counterpart was HB 1690. The proposed bills elevated the Al misdemeanor to a Class H felony and required giving an active prison sentence.  On June 16, 2010, North Carolina legislators determined that anyone who tortures, starves or kills an animal will face jail time. Susie’s Law passed in the House, and the Senate voted 47–0 to give final approval to the law. On June 23, 2010, Governor Bev Perdue signed the new animal cruelty law—Susie's Law.  For more information, visit: http://www.ncvaw.org/susie.
Animals are abused once every ten seconds in the 
United States, but animal abuse 
is not a punishable crime by law in every state!

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