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Susie’s Hope™ is a nonprofit organization formed 

1) To lend aid and assistance 
a) In rescuing and fostering unwanted, neglected and abused animals that are abandoned, homeless and, 
b) In placing these animals in loving, caring and responsible homes

2)   To raise awareness surrounding the need to adopt and to encourage pet adoption as the ultimate choice (to help 
and house the homeless), offer guidance surrounding the adoption processes and our responsibilities to our family 
companions when we adopt. 
** Susie’s Hope provides all necessary veterinary care including spay/neuter and microchip prior to pet adoption.

3) To educate the public surrounding the necessity to spay and neuter pets to end euthanasia due to overpopulation
4) To foster awareness surrounding animal abuse in our nation and to work to end the tragic and growing epidemic 
throughout our country by 
a) Educating the public surrounding animal cruelty; and 
b) Putting an end to inhumane acts of animal abuse by enforcing “Susie’s Law” in all states 

Susie’s Hope initiative is to become a national charity with a BIG voice on behalf of the animals that cannot speak.

In a team effort, Donna and Susie visit schools (from elementary to college), churches, libraries, retirement and medical 
facilities, as well as various community outings; they attend pet adoption fairs and fundraisers to motivate and educate 
people surrounding animal cruelty and the need to rescue unwanted animals through adoption.  
in worst cases, left for dead; and 
--to save all animals
Susie’s Hope is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit


Spreading the message of love, hope forgiveness and trust… 

Our mission is to help end the epidemic of animal abuse that has spread throughout our nation by creating awareness of the 
problem and by providing education about prevention as a solution.
Susie and I have embarked on a personal journey to inform people of all ages about animal abuse and the proper care for our 
family companions. We encourage people to respect all animals, whether personally owned or a stray, purebred or mixed 
breed, loved, neglected or abused. We believe that no individual should ever hurt one, or any, of God’s creatures; animals 
have feelings and experience pain just as we do.
We also teach children about the large responsibility and undertaking of adopting or owning a pet as a commitment.  Before 
adopting an animal, the family must be sure that they have enough time, devotion and love to give to their pet and ascertain 
the pet has the appropriate surroundings/environment that it needs to run and play. We also teach children about staying safe, 
to avoid injury or unexpected reactions or responses, when they are around animals they do not know.
We could not have begun our journey alone and without the devoted help of others; we thank all of the Susie’s Hope 
supporters who have lent a loving and caring hand to enable us to continue our endeavor.  

                                                                                          ~Donna Smith Lawrence & Susie


Why Donate?

Susie made it out of her tragedy alive, but other dogs aren’t so lucky. Unfortunately, Susie is not the only dog who has ever been hurt by someone they love.

Animal cruelty is a problem in North Carolina and across America. We made a difference by passing Susie’s Law, but that only protects animals after violence has been done. The best solution would be to stop animal abuse before it even starts.


One person can make a difference

That’s why we need your help. We visit all kinds of organizations in order to talk to both kids and adults about animal abuse, sensitivity to pets and how to care for pets. These organizations range from schools to churches, but one thing they all have in common is that they are usually community groups without the deep pockets of larger organizations. Your contribution will help us keep up this very important work.

Susie’s Hope™ Fund is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.

Your tax-deductible donations help us spread awareness and education about the epidemic that animal cruelty has become to the public.

The Susie’s Hope™ nonprofit organization promotes education and awareness of the care and responsibility required in owning pets as well as animal safety around unfamiliar animals.



Susie's Hope is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization//Contributions are Tax Deductible under IRS Codes