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Special Thanks


Deborah and Phoenix

Deborah and PhoenixDeborah Hodges had been considering adopting a pet when she saw the news of a poor dog who had been burned by four cruel boys. She felt the urge to care for Pheonix immediately.

At first she agreed to act as a foster parent, taking Phoenix to the Guilford County Animal Shelter every day for seven weeks—much like Susie, Phoenix needed serious medical treatment. The treatment saving his life was hard on him: skin grafts, wrappings, restrictive collars.

Deborah often talks about Phoenix’s ability to love unconditionally. He didn’t stop loving because of his accident, and he never distrusted people. With that in mind, Deborah is happy to spread the message of Susie’s Hope™.


Keely and Bailey

Keeley and BaileyOn September 9, 2010, a severely burned and dying Bailey was admitted to the Guilford County Animal Shelter as a found dog. Luckily, his expensive care was paid for by money from Susie’s Miracle Fund.

Keely was volunteering with the Susie’s Law campaign when she read the news about Bailey being found. Police were looking for the culprits. Keely was an animal lover and was previously a state-certified Animal Cruelty Investigator.

Keely saw a picture of Bailey and fell in love immediately. She was also intrigued by the open case to find his attackers. So, she decided to adopt. In October 2010, Keely brought Bailey home. She was told he was about five years old.

In April of the following year, Keely heard from investigators about who hurt Bailey: it seems that the mentally challenged son of a Guilford County couple accidently set Bailey on fire while giving him a bath. The couple tried to care for Bailey themselves but, when they saw just how hurt he was, they decided to abandon him to the animal shelter. The case was deemed an accident and no charges were ever filed.

Bailey never let his heart forget how to love. He’s a regular fixture at Susie’s Hope™ engagements while Keely talks about animal cruelty and how to properly care for pets.

Paws and Claws


One of the first things Susie’s Hope™ did was to publish three books about the story of Donna and Susie—they’d like to give special thanks to the original team members whose hard work got Susie’s message off the ground. Click HERE for more infomation on Paws and Claws Publishing, LLC

Jennifer Tipton Cappoen: Artist / Publisher

A longtime Greensboro resident, Jennifer has spent more than 25 years as an illustrator and graphic designer. Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications from various publishers like New Day Publishing, True Hope Publishing, Laurus Books, Marbry Books and Bayard Publishing. She got her BFA at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is a regular fixture at her local bookstore and knits in her spare time.

Lynn Bemer Coble: Writer / Editor / Copy Editor

Lynn has a background in education. With a BA in both Elementary Education and Secondary French Education from the University of Northern Iowa, Lynn has been involved with education for most of her life. She was instrumental in founding Worksheet Magazine (presently called Teacher’s Helper), and she was the copy editor for several educational publications for a decade. Her love of animals, nonprofits and the written word is what brought her to Susie’s team.


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